Ride Beyond

Dedication to the ride has got you here. You push harder. Aim higher. And it keeps getting tougher to break through to the next level. All it takes is one bike. This bike.

Whether you measure it in KOMs, podiums, or during après-ride shenanigans, your hunger for speed and progression is insatiable – but it’s also the monkey in your hip pack.

The new all-carbon Norco Range is engineered to ditch the monkey and unleash the speed and confidence you’ve always known is lurking inside. Precision tracking in the rough, superior climbing efficiency and a completely new angle on suspension make Range the fastest bike in
Enduro, and your ultimate burly Big Mountain companion.

The High Virtual Pivot design helps maintain momentum on descents, neutralizes braking forces, and it positions mass low on the frame for a perfect mix of agility and stability, so all you need to focus on is choosing the fastest line.


The Range’s High Virtual Pivot suspension design isolates you from wheel movement by maintaining a rearward axle path while minimizing the effect of braking forces on suspension action.


With minimal variance in the distance from the front tire’s contact patch to the rider’s centre of gravity throughout the size range, Range makes speed easy over the most demanding Enduro courses and Big Mountain terrain.


The Range’s High Virtual Pivot suspension design efficiently-transmits drivetrain energy and provides a stable platform when pedaling by controlling anti-squat under power with a deliberately-positioned idler.


High-speed stability and agility are achieved by positioning the suspension components low in the frame, and minimized un-sprung mass ensures sensitive, consistent suspension action.


Every design, geometry and component spec decision amplifies the rider’s focus on the trail, so you don’t burn energy you don’t have to, and speed never gets overwhelming – just a composed, engaged ride over sustained high speed, technical efforts on the race course or in the mountains.


Norco’s exclusive Ride AlignedTM Design System matches each Range to the human who rides it. Rider-first geometry and suspension kinematics combine with custom fit and suspension tuning using the Ride AlignedTM Setup Guide to provide unparalleled, personalized performance from day one.