R Raymon

Regardless of whether it’s a Mountain Bike, a Trekking, Youth or Kid’s bike – R Raymon wants to get people enthusiastic about bikes. Therefore, they design, develop and manufacture bikes for beginners as well as for professional athletes, for rides through untouched nature or the turbulent urban traffic. Somehow, the best stories come from life itself.


About R Raymon

A small spark can start a fire, a single thought becomes a great project, the first letter is the beginning of a thrilling story. In PEXCO GmbH they are passionate about bikes and this passion soon gave birth to the idea to invent their own bicycle brand. With R Raymon, they are now on the point of writing a new chapter in their personal story.

Model Year 2021

— eBikes

Trailray E
Uncompromising. Sporty. Agile. The new E-MTB-Enduros especially enjoy answering the call of the trails. It is not just downhill sections on tough terrain, but also technical uphills that challenge the biker on every ride. The mid-mount motors from Yamaha guarantee a dynamic, powerful and enjoyable ride on every tour.

Fullray E
Adventurous. Flexible. Dynamic. These nimble electric all-rounders in the all-mountain category are faithful companions for every trail enthusiast. That’s because they can cope with any uphill or downhill terrain thanks to their coherent geometry and perfectly balanced components. All models are available in both 29“ and 27.5“ versions.

Hardray E
Reliable. Straightforward. Durable. The MTB in its original form – and yet our E-Hardtails have been pimped up using a whole host of technology and expertise, resulting in performance-oriented e-bikes that are at home on (almost) any terrain. For beginners and pros, for trail fans and racing enthusiasts.

Fourray E & Sixray E
Young. Wild. Unpredictable. Great little racers: the time is ripe for kids who really want to do big things. Our junior e-bikes are perfectly designed for the needs of young riders: ergonomically modified frames, perfectly balanced components and easy-to-use gears.

Gravelray E
Curious. Unbounded. Audacious. If your spirit of adventure has been stirred, then allow us to introduce the new E-Gravel bikes from R RAYMON. They are the perfect companion on every tour, because the off-road all-rounders feature perfectly balanced equipment and high-performance Yamaha motors. In other words, they have everything an e-commuter and e-biker could possibly desire.

Tourray E & Crossray E
Globetrotting. Amenable. Adventurous. The E-Trekking bikes are ideal for exploring new terrain. They combine the advantages of various categories and feature an impressive mix of moderately sporty geometry and comfortable specifications. Bags and shopping can be simply and practically transported on pannier racks.

Cityray E, Urbanray E & Compactray E
Modern. Urban. Cosmopolitan. Life in the urban fast lane: daily journeys in city traffic are especially enjoyable in the saddle of an E-Urban/City bike. The compact e-bikes with a low-step frame, upright seating position and comfortable tyres make cycling a real pleasure. And shopping can be easily stored on the pannier racks.

— Bicycles

Fast. Forward. Determined. When it comes to racing bikes, we opt for a balanced relationship between performance, comfort and design. Our models run really smoothly and have a relaxed, adapted seating position. Equipped with the best components, our R RAYMON road bikes are certainly capable of picking up real speed on any tour.

Elite. Sporty. All-rounder. Whether Alpine cross, rugged trails or steep climbs, nothing will outmanoeuvre the All-Mountains from R RAYMON that easily. They are versatile on any terrain and robust enough to cope with even demanding trails. Plenty of suspension travel and good response properties will set the pulses of all mountain bikers racing.

Hardray, Sevenray & Nineray
High-flying. Grounded. Straightforward. Our new Hardtails feature the best stiffness values and direct power transmission to the ground. The new balanced geometry ensures dynamic performance and agile handling. Made for long, sporty tours, they are also real eye-catchers on account of their breathtaking looks.

Pushray, Oneray, Tworay, Fourray, Sixray
Young. Wild. Adventurous. Calling all little racers! From the balance bike for the youngsters to a range of children’s bikes, we have solid two-wheelers for every tour. The focus here is on functionality and safety. And in terms of design and equipment, even the small bikes make a big statement!

Off-road. On-road. Boundless. Gravel bikes have firmly established themselves in a category of their own in recent years – and rightly so. After all, they are highly versatile and can master both asphalt and gravel with ease. The frame geometry is extended to provide the necessary comfort on long journeys. Broad gravel handlebars can be adjusted into a number of different positions.

Bold. Venturesome. Active. A bike for all occasions. Our Trekking bikes are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a bike for everyday use, for leisure or for longer tours. Whether bike tour or shopping trip, our R RAYMON Trekking models are ready for anything. There is a harmonious fusion of comfort and performance as well as design and functionality here.

Urbanray, Cityray, Classicray
City life. Hot spots. Metropolises. Our Urban and City models are real eye-catchers. Yet the bikes aren’t just way out in front in terms of their design. Thanks to clear frame structures, comfortable tyres, light brakes and high-quality gears, they can reliably navigate their way around the city. There are no unnecessary frills here – everything has been stripped down to the essentials.


Official website: www.r-raymon-bikes.com