For over 50 years, Norco has been MTB brand developing high-performance bikes for downhill, freeride, enduro, all-mountain and trail. Mountain bikes developed and tested in the roughest terrain of British Columbia in Canada excel in sophisticated frame geometry and top components. The goal is to inspire riders to perform even better and help them discover previously unsuspected possibilities.


About Norco

Norco Bicycles is a bicycle manufacturer based in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. The company was founded by Bert Lewis in 1964 and was originally housed in a chicken coop in the Canadian countryside.

Norco was one of the first manufacturers of ten-speed bikes and significantly helped to popularize BMX sports. Today, Norco is synonymous with top mountain bikes, which it sells worldwide.

Model Year 2021

Seconds at the start gate feel like an eternity. Your line gives you the edge you need; your bike will help you stick it. Norco Downhill bikes are engineered with input from our pro athletes and proven on the toughest tracks in the world. From World Cup tracks to bike park laps, these bikes are made for riders who charge fearlessly and look for a fast and reliable DH-machine to conquer podiums.

North Shore trails have always been synonymous with big, burly lines that chew bikes up and spit them out. These trails, which defined the Freeride generation 20 years ago, have inspired us to imagine a completely new generation of Freeride bikes – purpose-built to thrive where other bikes struggle to survive. No finish lines. No stopwatch. Just nailing every line.

Charge fearlessly down the mountain, then pedal back to the top to do it again. Our Enduro bikes are purpose-built to take on anything in their way while being capable and efficient when scrambling up those punishing climbs. From endless backcountry lines and gnarly singletrack to the most demanding race courses of the EWS, our Enduro bikes deliver trail-devouring DH-capabilities and all-mountain pedalling efficiency.

Modern bike trails take us all over the mountain. You need a reliable tool that takes you up the climbs with ease and gets you down the trails in a flash. With geometry optimized for all-mountain riding and dialed-in suspension kinematics, our all-mountain bikes are purposefully engineered and spec’d to tackle any trail your heart desires.

To some, it’s about carving endless ribbons of buff, flowy singletrack. To others, it’s the challenge of punchy trails, technical climbs and off-camber roots. Yes to all of the above! With confidence-inspiring geometry, optimized suspension kinematics for trail riding and high-end component selection, Norco trail bikes offer no-compromise performance and efficiency for conquering the trails you know and the ones you have yet to explore.

Speed, skill and stamina will earn you a spot on the start line, but owning the punishing climbs on race day will get you to the podium. Our full suspension and hardtail XC Race bikes stand for maximum speed, efficiency and highest-end performance. No matter how demanding your next XC event is, these bikes are ready to race and get you on the podium.

There’s a reason we call them the great outdoors. There is no limit to the possibilities out here. If you can still hear traffic sounds, keep on pedalling until they fade away. With balanced geometries, playful ride handling and no-compromise part selections, Norco’s Cross-country bikes are the perfect choice for everyone getting into mountain biking and looking for new trails to explore.

Just like the sessions they were designed to dominate, Norco’s Dirt/Street bikes are all about progression. A rider-inspired and dirt jump approved geometry is wrapped up in exceptionally stiff, high-end and lightweight frames. These bikes deliver competition-level ride characteristics, highest maneuverability and long-term durability. Shovel not included!

Paved roads do not confine us. We pedal beyond to seek out adventure along the most challenging routes – whatever they are made of. We ride to escape the familiar.

Scene & XFR
Norco’s urban-centric category includes drop bar and crossover bikes for pavement and the different types of surfaces you’ll encounter riding in the city. These bikes are right at home on the streets and deliver a fast, efficient and comfortable ride.

Fluid and Rampage are available with smaller frames for young riders.


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